Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

OK, this is gonna be a Wordless Wednesday post with a FEW words - OK, maybe a lot! :c) those of you who "know me" know that I can not make a long story short... but I promise to do my best to keep this not so wordy. Here goes!

First, let me start off with an apology to our readers - that Kaleidoscope photo thing in the previous post looked neat at first - when I did it - but you won't hurt my feelings if you tell me that you couldn't stand looking at it!!!!
It was giving me a headache too every time I came to this page. I've been meaning to make a post to push it down the page... but all weekend we were on the go that I didn't get around to it. Sorry you had to look at it at the top of the page all last week.
So since here it is already Wednesday again - and time for "Wordless Wednesday" I'll share some photos taken over the Memorial Day weekend - starting with photos we took at the Birthday Party we went to on Saturday at the SPRAY PARK! Happy 4h Birthday Aidan!
That's Nora's Best friend Jed beside her at the "Prime Cheese Puffs Location" - Aidan, the Birthday boy, is the one behind Jed in the white Tshirt. And the mom in the Pink - is Jed's mom Heidi (aka Bonnie's bestest friend & also Nora's preschool teacher)

Nora, Olivia and Paul Thomas (especially PT) enjoyed having Daddy there with them to play in the water with and honestly, I was sooooo kickin back letting David "do it all" - load and unload the kids and van... since I have to do it everyday through the week. It was grrreat! :c)
We didn't go anywhere (out of town) or do anything special... just the same ole same old but all the FUN just the same! :c)
After the party - we went to McDonald's. Here's Nora showing off her last two chickens. "See Mom, I only have two left!"

Can't you tell that the babies are whipped out! Being out in the sun will do that to ya... and hopefully help mister I can't sleep through a whole night - WILL have a chance of sleeping better TONIGHT! .....I can hope can't I??? LOL :c)

And in this last pic Olivia's reaching out and trying to pull my toothie...... a trick that PaPaw (my Dad) taught her not too long ago. ;)

Hope that you enjoyed the pics! and don't forget to leave us a comment so we will know you stopped by our blog!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


Mikol said...

Don't you love when it is Daddy's turn? You can actually relax or just sit for a little while. Cute pics, looks like you all enjoyed the park.

call me crazy said...

Happy Birthday babies, a day early! :-)

Looks like y'all had lots of fun! ~and we haven't put the jeans and sweats away yet. ;-)