Sunday, May 11, 2008

The last few days have been Yuck-O here!!!

Paul Thomas is sick... Thursday he threw up in the car on the way to my dentist appointment and then again at nap time.

Yesterday, Friday, he had snot looking stuff in both of his eyes - all gooped up... yuckO! all day... but no throwing up thankfully.Then last night he was up more than usual - about 3 times after 1am.. and at around 5am he threw up -luckily that time i heard it and could get to him and help him sit up! and clean him up.

Then this morning at breakfast he threw up MAJOR volume of breast milk - wow, I didn't realize he was getting so much milk - luckily he was sitting at the high chair and the trey caught most of it. However, just as I thought he was done, I took the trey to wash off and while at the sink he started again and threw up that much more! David was holding out his bib to catch it... SUPER yuck!

Then for morning nap I thought for sure he'd fall off to sleep no problem but he just couldn't get settled... he wasn't happy in bed and wasn't happy at all with me holding him...dint' want to rock or nurse... he just fussed and fussed! I knew he had to be exhausted, b/c he had been up all night and that much vomiting makes anyone tired, so Nora went with me and I took him for a drive around town to get him to go to sleep.

About the time we pulled into Wal-Mart - just to drive by the pretty flowers and see if I could scope out what I want to plant this year... I heard him throwing up again! and since I was going so slow I was able to quickly stop and get out to check on him.... since his car seat has him in a reclining position (yes we are still in the infant carriers that snap in - the twins are still under 20 pounds) it worries me if they throw up laying back!

After that I headed straight back home to change him and when we got home he was asleep. THANKFULLY! and because I figured his rest was more important than smelling good I postponed cleaning him up.

After he woke up, Olivia was awake too and so we had lunch - as I was finishing up, I smelt poopy... and when I took the trey away from the seat it was everywhere! Poor thing had diarrhea all over - out his diaper and shorts...SUPER YUCKO and this time David and Nora had just left to go "shopping for mother's day" so i had clean up all by myself :(

I left Olivia buckled up in her high chair while I took Paul Thomas upstairs to clean him off. By the time I finished bathing him he was nudging and nudging wanting to nurse so I let him b/c I don't want him to get dehydrated... and all this time Olivia was a great sport and sat quietly - I never heard her cry... and when I got him down for his afternoon nap I went down and she sat in her high chair sucking her thumb asleep. ;) so sweet... so I carried her up and put her to bed.

This was taken just before I got ready to get them out of the chairs - see how sleepy she was!

Then I washed out the two tubs - I had a pre-rinse in our tub and removed all the chunks... then took him to his bath that was clean to sit in for the soaping part ;) then I unloaded the dishwasher - and thought I am exhausted, and the house is so quiet with Nora gone... so I called David and told him to "I don't know how much more time you and Nora need, but please STAY GONE at least another hour so I can take a nap!!" ;) so he and Nora went to Dairy Queen together for an early supper.

It's been a long weekend so far with poor Paul Thomas feeling so week. I hope tomorrow is a better day - and most likely I'll be taking him to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

I thought I'd share here so that any of you who wanted to remember Paul Thomas in your prayers could :)

Oh and Olivia is getting very close to cutting her molars on the bottom - I'd say by this time next weekend we will see white back pray for her too :)

and I almost forgot but since I'm giving updates on everyone... and I hear coughing in the next room - I am nearly over the "crud" that started about 2.5 weeks ago - but it seems that David has hit the worst part of his coughing "curd" this weekend... so hopefully in a few day's he will feel like I do and be over it. ;) Last night he slept downstairs on the couch so he woudn't disturb what little sleep I get (inbetween times of getting up with Paul Thomas.)

And update for all of my HGTV friends who stop by often to read - I promise I will get the bingo FQs sorted and prepared for mailing as soon as my babies are taken care of ;) but this weekend being a momma was more important ;) and I know you will understand.
Thanks and have a Happy MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow ;)
Love from Texas!! ~bonnie

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