Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

THE MOM SONG - here at our home we have been dancing to "The MOM Song" all weekend and Nora already knows all the words :) This morning before getting ready for church, we even called David's mom in Kentucky and put the phone by the speaker and jammed it up and danced along while we let her hear it. ;) Who needs a music card when you have Internet and phone ;)

If you haven't heard of the group Go Fish, you need to check them out! They are great! They use to write music for Veggie Tales and now make their own kid music that won't drive you nuts listening to. ;)

There are several songs to listen to and watch videos to on Several funny, several serious... but all of the GREAT! A personal favorite is one called "Your My Little Girl" and you can hear it from their website where they have made up a FREE Virtual CD where you can download and listen to songs.

As I close I will attach a photo at the top of this post of my little blessings that we took last night - poor Olivia still has supper on her face as I thought we were headed straight upstairs to the bath tub but instead had to take a pit stop to the computer room for one last dance for the night to the MOM song! :)

Happy Mother's Day and Love from Texas!! ~bonnie
EDDITED TO ADD - Today I noticed that Olivia's molar on the bottom right has popped thru barely. 1 down 3 more to go for her.

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