Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fri, May 11, 2007

At my appointment yesterday I found out the blood work results = positive for Fifth disease and appears that I do not have immunity. Dr. Oliver told me not to be concerned at this point, and a follow-up blood work in two weeks and an ultrasound is scheduled to confirm that there are no complications. Other than the fifth disease test everything was positive including my own health.

She assured me that at this time there is no need to worry and with each of my questions she just simply stated it is too early to tell yet and that we don’t need to worry until that time comes.

We will continue to keep everyone informed as we know more. Until now, I have to wait 2 weeks until my blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday 5/23….then wait for results from the blood work sometime that following week.

Thanks again for all of your prayers – I have certainly felt them as I have not been as panicked about this situation as I may have been without the prayers. Bonnie

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