Monday, May 19, 2008

The Highlight of our week

Guess who called a week ago today - last Monday and told us that they were on their way to come see us!?!?!?!!!!! PaPaw and MaMaw! (Bonnie's Dad Ollie, and Step Mom Clara.)

What a pleasant surprise! They left their home in Kentucky around 2am their time and called us from Jackson Mississippi around 9am our time and were here shortly after 1:30pm!

Although they sure didn't stay long...(4 days) I am so glad they came!! They got to see the twins at their "prime time" age. Oh how fun Olivia and the new walking Paul Thomas are right now!! So entertaining! So fun to watch as they explore their world! While Daddy was here he taught Olivia how to "pull her toothie" and they had lots of fun with that game... so much that Daddy forgot and did it with Paul Thomas the night we said our good byes before bedtime and made Paul Thomas just bawl and bawl. (((See how opposite they are)))Clara taught Olivia how to blow kisses... and what did Paul Thomas learn this week...? he just practiced walking the whole time! :c) Now that he knows he can walk he goes and goes and goes just like that bunny that use to be on TV.
The highlight of our week??? was the thing Nora was looking out the window at - up at the top of this post... her new SWING SET! An early Birthday gift! Why wait until June when the weather is so nice tight now...? and of course since Nora is not the only June Birthday (6/23rd), the twins will be 1 year old June 4th so PaPaw and MaMaw brought early Birthday gifts for Olivia and Paul Thomas too!

Naturally Paul Thomas immediately loved his new swing! He was laughing before I could get him buckled and give him his official first big push! :c)
and naturally Olivia did not like hers too much. Before her bottom was in she was already grabbing on whining and trying her best to climb out!
but I quickly gave her something to hold and distract her...
and it worked! My new cell phone is her favorite thing in the whole wide world to hold on to!

She forgot all about being in the swing! ;P Meanwhile, little brother figured out that he could take over the other two big kid swings.... "Arrrrgh" he said! So then I came up with a solution to that problem, which meant that Papaw had to do some "minor" rearranging of the swings. :)

Sorry Daddy for the extra work! and although the next pic he looks like he has a frown on his face he really wasn't upset - he actually didn't know I was taking the photo at the time..

Nora's happy with the new arrangement too - now her swing and an extra for a friend are side by side. :) and speaking of friends - she made a new one recently! (but we'll save all that for another post another time.)aaahhhh - swinging! :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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