Sunday, June 6, 2010

A new pool for the kids

We really didn't go shopping for a pool today... but were over in Pt. A and drove by Academy spots good store and saw these outside their entrance. The old purple plastic kiddy pool we use to have was cracked and I tossed it to the curbside about 2 weeks ago.

We also had a big blow up pool about 2 feet high by 8 foot long which was perfect... only last weekend Paul Thomas gathered up a bunch of rocks and shells when no one was looking and dumped into it and one of the rough edges punched a hole in the side... so no more big blow up pool....

Thought we could make it fit in the back - after all it's a small pool - one with a slide built in which I know they will love since Nora use to always beg me to inflate the old one by her swing set slide.... haha

but nope, putting it in the back was a no go. Instead the side door barely shut while I "straddled the motor" so to speak, on the passengers side with my seat pushed against the dash board. :P All the way home we heard, get your feet off PT, stop kicking it, are we home yet, I want to slide first....

yeah, they're gonna love it! ;)

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