Monday, May 24, 2010

Only a few more days of school... then...

...then it will be Graduation time! Can you believe it??? Already?

Only a few more days for Nora - 3 as a matter of fact! ;) Here she is this morning with her shoe horn that MaMaw gave to her when we were home for Easter... it sure has made getting her Sketchers on MUCH easier! Thank you MaMaw! ;) The above smile is for you! ;)

Nora also brought home a lot of her school supplies last Friday. Her blue bag holds her coloring pencils - she calls it her "CUBBY" ;) Well after Nora was off to school and breakfast was eaten - the twins had fun coloring and playing..

Looks a little bit like the hat my Dad wore in the Army... don't cha think PaPaw?? :)

Looks like we need to work on SITTING in a seat when we color - after all they will start preschool next fall! *Gasp* Yep, it's true....

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