Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovebugs are coming to town - again!

I just spotted my first sighting this year of those pesky Love Bugs :/ I didn't take this photo but for those of you who have never heard of them - or seen them... here is what they look like. Always Partnered up together........always. Hence the name "Love Bugs"

Click HERE to read a funny blog post from 2004 by another blogger... the bug Southerner's love to hate... we'll I would not say I hate them - after all they do not bite like mosquitoes do - now that is a bug I could say that I hate. But the article does have a funny poem at the bottom of the page....

I had never heard of them growing up in KY - I first found out about them when we lived in Augusta, GA.... but I think they are worse here in Texas - they sound like hail hitting your car if you are driving during their peek... and they love WHITE cars best! Thankfully they do not bite like mosquitoes do. so I can deal. It is almost impossible for me to get all 3 of my kids in the van and buckled with out at least a dozen of these getting into the car while the door is open... but like I said at least they don't bite ;)

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