Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why is David playing with his drill?

Anyone want to guess why David has his drill out...

I should have taken a few photos of him without the car seat for this post.... that should be a very good clue... if not then this next photo will give it away for sure.

Today after picking up Nora from school - just as I was about to turn into our neighborhood - Nora yells out, "MOOOOM, it's an E-MER-gen-ceeeee Paul Thomas is Vom-MER-ing!!!!" :( Poor baby!

So when I got home, David was home for lunch and he took it all apart and used the water hose to spray it all out while I put the padding coverings into the washer. Then tonight when he got home from work he put it all back together.

Humm... reminds me of that little Wonder Pets jingle - "What's gonna work? Teeeeem work!" I'm hoping that Paul Thomas is feeling better tomorrow - he's had a rough day with 3 more Vom-MERs this afternoon after we got home. :(

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