Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At Home Tonight After Ash Wednesday Mass

After we got home tonight we let the twins have their milkshakes before going upstairs for bath/bed time.

We had already eaten supper before Nora went to CCD before Mass.

I had stopped by Kroger to pick up milk - and you know how that goes... a gallon of milk cost $35 b/c of a few other things you see between the refrigerated section and the check out.

Well the little stuffed animal Olivia is holding provided a ton of fun for entertainment in the kitchen tonight for David and the kids! ;) I hate to spoil the gift for Papaw & Mamaw but I think they'd be happy to know that the kids were thinking of them tonight as we played with their gift I bought for them! Maybe Daddy & Clara can view the video next time they visit Aunt Nell. ;)

Aren't all 3 of those photos above cute of Olivia? ;) It was hard to pick a winner. I love the 1st, but then the 2nd has Nora peeking in over my shoulder... and that 3rd is a hoot too b/c Olivia often gets cross eyed looking at things closely, including her own hair and curls. LOL

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

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