Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun night for Nora but a sad night for me

I tried to take lots of photos last night of Nora during her "LAST" class at TAG... but not even a dozen of them turned out. :/

I did however get a video of her on the short bar - she was the last to take a turn and it was the last thing they worked on in their class tonight. I'm really sad that gymnastics have come to an end b/c TAG is closing.

And here they are all lined up ready to receive their award stamps... on both feet ;) Sorry for the glare of the window.

Thank you Miss Stacey!! Nora has really enjoyed your class!

We're really going to miss our fun time with friends on Thursday nights!

Below is a photo of Nora & Carolyn. She's our neighbor just down the street and until this year we only saw each other on the rare occasions that we were all outside at the same time... but this year the girls have taken ballet class together - and then "unsigned up" so they could switch to taking gymnastics together.

Not sure when we will get to see Carolyn now that TAG is closed??

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