Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cajun Story of the Week 2/10/10

Joe Badeaux’s boy, “T-Not, wat is not so bright, drove from Abbeville to da big city of Lafayette to see da sights. Wen he drove down Ambassador Caffery he noticed a traffic camera flashed. He didn’t know why it took his picture, he knew for sure he wasn’t speeding. Jus to be sure he turned around, went back and passed da same spot, driving even slower. Again da camera flashed.

T-Not found dis strange so he slowed down some mo. Sure nuff, the camera flashed again. Da fourt’ and fift’ time, same results. He laughed as he passed at a snail’s pace, tinking how crazy dat is, taking pictures of somebody dats not speeding.

Two weeks later T-Not got five traffic fine letters in da mail for driving without his seat belt on.

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