Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent

Lent is unique in its dedication to the works of prayer,
fasting and alms giving as means of penance.

David has given up using tobacco, I've given up Facebook - both on the computer and checking from my cell phone... and Nora is "thinking about it" ;)

She's learned a lot about Lent from school and CCD Religious Ed as well as us talking at home about it. She suggested maybe she could give up getting candy at the grocery store, which I thought was a great idea for her to come up with all on her own.

Other ideas I suggested was she could give up dessert after supper, or ice cream, or using her Leapster2 that she got for Christmas... none of those ideas she liked so much.... and after thinking more about it doesn't like her original idea of no more candy from the grocery.

Instead she's considering giving up going to school or playing outside... LOL :P 5 year olds can be so funny!! :) We'll talk some more and see what we can decide for her to give up for Lent....

David and the kids and I will go to Ash Wednesday services following Nora's CCD tonight.

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