Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Suprise in the mailbox today!!!

I kinda expected a little more than usual mail today - since it didn't run Monday for President's Day - and I forgot to walk out and pick it up yesterday...but what a surprise!! All I was "expecting" was the weekly grocery fliers and a water bill!

But look at this letter and check! It's from one of my blog readers Miss Susan from NY!!! THANK-YOU so much for sending a donation of $10 to the Ronald McDonald House Charity!

You will have 6 chances to win the 40+ Crayola Quilts this September!! (The link will take you to the folder of quilts that have already arrived in NC so far - more on the way, including mine)

Nora unbuckled from her seat belt as I was checking the mail and on the snail speed of idling into the driveway she got to play with one of the kites that the twins made at Story Time today in the passenger's seat. ;)

Thanks again MISS SUSAN from NY! You made my day!!!

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