Monday, March 1, 2010

Guess who bought a new digital camera!!!

Clara & Daddy!!! and before they bought it Daddy handed it to the girl working at Walmart and said - "Here, test this thing out and take a picture of us" ;) Aren't they cute?? Just what they needed to seal the deal... that and the camera was on sale ;) and Dad's old camera was a piece of crap. (I have to admit I was the one that bought it for him a few Christmas' ago... shame on me for not testing it out - but hey it was a 35 mm film type - back then there was no testing it out.

Although they know NOTHING about how to email photos to us, I did figure out something cool. When we were home visiting for Easter, I was able to remove the SD Card and download all of their photos to my laptop - COOL! b/c as you know my latest "new" camera is broken...(I think the 13th drop is what did it) and so I can click away using their camera and then download and delete off what's mine.

Also, in return I can upload and save photos of the kids that I have saved onto my computer and put them on her memory card - so all she has to do is take it to CVS and print them off ;) Cool eah?

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