Friday, March 12, 2010

Can you guess what we did for the 1st time?

Can you take a guess as what the twins were doing here??

what about this photo - any idea?

still don't know - need a hint??

Today we were invited to a Birthday party for Jed turning 6 at the park and what a perfect day it was for all the kids to fly kites! About 15-20 kids all flew kites in this huge field!

at the beginning they were so anxious to get started that they kept getting frustrated.

They both wanted to hold the string...

but then after about 15 minutes, they were having a great time, and everyone had their OWN string to hold.

In the video I took you can see Paul Thomas yanking on his string like a lawn mower pull trying to get it back into the air. He got very good at getting his own kite back up in the air by himself. Unfortunately I don't have any other photos/videos of that... or of Nora b/c my camera batter died :P but at least I have these few to share with you. ;)

We will have to buy kites and do this again! Maybe at Papaw's house in KY when we go home for Easter in a couple weeks. ;)

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