Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Stuff

There were a few things that happened this week - that really didn't get blogged about so how about I wrap them all up into one here today on Friday.


On Tuesday Paul Thomas went for his 2nd post surgery followup and got a GREAT report! When the Dr. looked thru the scope up his nose he said that all of the tissues had completely healed and looked great... 100% normal and we dont' have to go back again for another year! YEAH!

Also I'm happy to report that since Paul Thomas' surgery, he has made a 180 in his sleeping habits! The first week following he was up several nights, but after that he has slept ALL night EVERY NIGHT!!! I actually do not remember when was the last time he woke up! Isn't that great! I knew the surgery was exactly what he needed!!! The answer to my prayers!!


Yesterday, Thursday was my last day with my "helper." Diane, our Deacon's daughter has been coming for the past several weeks on Tues. & Thurs. to help me out with the twins... and it has been so handy to run errands in town and not have to take forever unloading and loading kids - she'd just sit in the van with them... Boy, I SURE am gonna miss having her around!


And tonight, David has a big annual fundraiser with one of his groups he's in... I forget their name but something Safety and Health related... They're setting up a casino night at a local restaurant.. and b/c he is the groups treasure, he's required to stay the whole night - which translates to - He will not be home until after midnight!!! So, I'll be on bath & Bedtime duty all by myself again tonight. (He didn't get home until after 9pm last night b/c he had to help set up)

This weekend we don't have a "lot" going on... not like last Saturday when we went to TWO Birthday parties back to back!!! Talk about tiring - for both us and the babies... chasing after them to make sure they didn't put stuff in their mouth was challenging... especially the shoes! gross!


Tomorrow, David's scheduled to give blood at our church's blood drive if his blood pressure isn't too high... it has been the last couple times he tried to donate at work. But maybe that's b/c he was at work - and you know what stress does to your blood pressure.

We're also invited to a friends home tomorrow afternoon for a cookout. That will be fun and relaxing. We always love visiting them and Nora loves playing with their kids.


Also on Sunday (my favorite day of the week, by the way) I'm looking forward to going to our church's Jam with the Lamb!!! I have never attended before but got a personal invite thru my Facebook account and I'm pretty sure that this is also a going away party for our Youth Leader so I don't want to miss it!!! Plus it will be so nice to "get out of the house" while David gets the kids in bed - just me and God jamin' :c)

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