Friday, August 29, 2008

Here we go again - activating storm plans and keeping an eye on Gustav

Why, someone please tell me again, why did we have to move to the gulf coast?? *sigh* Seems like there is a good chance we will have to evacuate over the weekend b/c of Gustav which as of today - they are expecting it to strengthen!

David is very busy at work activating storm plans and keeping in contact with city officials. He says they will announce tomorrow morning if there will be a mandatory evacuation or not.... be he wants me to be packed and ready to go the minute they say so.

Honestly the news pretty much turned my stomach yesterday when he told me very firmly he wants me to drive up to Mississippi with the kids - Oh the thought of it!!! So overwhelming!

For those of you who don't know - David's job roll puts him pretty much in charge at the plant for hurricanes... he and his team stay behind and protect the fort while everyone else leaves...

During Rita, Nora who was 15 months old and I left Texas and didn't return until 23 days later. In 2005, I packed up EVERYTHING - I'm talking every photo, every quilt, every everything I could never replace.

This time having the twins along and all their gear **and don't forget the dog too** I'll be doing good to remember the bare essentials this time! Plus I have to leave space in the van for a diaper changing area -I can't do it in public restrooms... well I guess I could since I'll also have to have space in the van for the double stroller.. One can sit in it while I change the other..

Problem is I only have one pack-n-play for sleeping... I'm thinking I will take a chance that perhaps when I get to where I'm going the couple will have friends with a baby and I can borrow their pack and play. worst case - I have to go buy one.

and where will we go? Nora's Godfather, Michale lives in Jackson Mississippi. He and Abbey have been so nice to welcome us in the past and I spoke with him on the phone last night concerning hurricane plans. Abbey's family is from Gulf Port... so depending on the path of the hurricane chances for a house full of guests is pretty good for them.

So for now, I better get off here and get busy. I have a lot to do even if I'm not taking everything. I plan to bag all photos and quilts up into large outdoor bags and then take them all upstairs to the guest bedroom. The only "things" I'm taking is the laptop and both of the towers to the old computers. They have all our digital photos stored on them. We still have not backed them up! I think they'll fit on the passengers side floorboard... and depending on how much room I have I may take a few quilts. The rest will have to stay here and I'll just have faith knowing that we do have insurance if we ever need it!

I'll check back in when I get to where I'm going - If I'm going... ;) So if you can say a prayer or two for me and my nerves... I have never traveled with 3 kids and a dog by myslef before!



Thearica said...

Bonnie...I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for safety. I really am praying that Gustav doesnt reap upon all of you what Katrina did. Just get you and those precious angels to a safe haven if the worst were to come. We live 3 hours from the coast and get some damaging winds from hurricanes but I am glad we dont have the fear of flooding where our home is located. Stay safe!

I changed my Neo-Counter this morning...Once you get settled in wherever you are, take a peek.

Tracie Evans said...

Bonnie I will say many prayers for you and the kids. Good luck! Be careful!

julieQ said...

Where are you going?? North Texas is right up the road...come up here!! Prayers and thoughts are with you dear lady!!!