Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost Back to School Time.... and you know what that means?

Back to school shopping!

Not all states have a sales tax holiday, but for the past 5-6 years we have lived in states that do participate. When we were located in Augusta, GA right on the GA/SC state line a lot of my friends would get so excited when the two states assigned back to back weekends for their sales tax holidays and would make plans to go shopping both weekends in both states. Not me! I do NOT like shopping... and back then I had no kids to shop back to school for, although it was for nearly all people. I even knew of some people that bought computers during that weekend...

I have never enjoyed shopping for as long as I can remember, and for me it's almost worth the extra 8.25% (That's only $8.25 for each $100 spent) to avoid the huge crowds in all the stores!

However, last year was my first year to take advantage of this tax break and surprisingly most all of the stores were having HUGE sales in addition to the tax free. Door buster sales, to getcha' in the door and spend your money with them. Lucky us right?

I remember last summer at J.C. Penny's buying all of Nora's "big girl panties" b/c she had just finished up potty training. Can you believe that underwear is on the list? Me neither, but OK. So are swimsuits, so I found some on clearance for 75% off and bought matching ones for the following year for Olivia and Nora... We also bought several outfits for Nora as she would be starting preschool and they had great sales. David was along pushing the double stroller and feeling like the paparazzi was after him with all the women wanting to see the newborn twins and ask questions about them. I on the other hand nearly pretending to not even know him and used that time to look at the things on the racks. :P

To find out if your state or nearby state is participating and when CLICK HERE.

I hear that Louisiana has a weekend too -and although we do live right here on the state line, I will NOT be shopping two weekends...! So I'm gonna start now making my list so I can stick to it and get in and get out!

If I'm lucky David will go with me to watch the kids.

If I'm REAL LUCKY he will stay at home with all three of them and I can go all ALONE. Hey, that will make me almost invisible! :P Who knows, I may just have fun shopping after all? ....that is if I don't have to go into Walmart!

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