Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mom, I'm Ready for School Again! :)

Here's Nora ready for her 2nd day of school! Yesterday after she woke up from her nap around 4:30 -she got up and started getting dressed for school! She thought it was time to go again! LOL

So she instead laid out her clothes for today. This is what she choose. Cute, but I did notice that the dress is too short when she bends over... so this will be her first and last time to wear it. After I wash it, I will use a sharpie to mark the 4T size out and remark 3T so Olivia one day can wear it for a longer period before it becomes too short.

This morning, Nora asked me to "braid her hair and keep it long too" so I only braided the top. It's hard to keep out of her eyes these days, her hair is a lot like her Aunt Melanie's... so I was happy to try and pull it back like this. ;)

And don't you just love those little girl knobby knees! :) Boy she is growing up so fast! And in her purse were too books "My Little a Book" and another about animals..? I forget the name. However she left them on the bench at the table and forgot to take them today - so she'll have to take them tomorrow.

Well, I guess about now her Daddy is close to the school... if not dropping her off right now as I type :) *sigh*


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