Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy's story about Nora going to school.

Today and every day, I take Nora to school. She was such a big girl today. It was cute today and I called Bonnie to share. She thought that I should share it here.

First, we were running a little late; so Nora finished her breakfast milk in the car. When we turned on the street for the school. She said, "Oh, I need to finish my milk Dad." I have never seen her drink that fast. All I could see was the bottom of her cup. I could almost hear the milk coming out of the glass; she was drinking so fast. She said "finished" and dropped her cup where she was.

It gets better. When we get to school, she has unbuckled herself and she gives me a kiss and says bye Dad. As soon as the teacher opens the doors, she tells the teacher that she can do it herself and she know where to go. I laughed and so did the teacher. After the teacher got her safely on the sidewalk she let her go on her independent way. I watched as a 6 foot 8th grader opened the door to go in. He held the door for Nora and she froze. Another teacher noticed it and told "Ethan" to help Nora to the "Hornets nest". It is the place where the 4 year olds go in the morning.

It was cute watching my 4 year old Nora being led away by this 6 foot 8th grader. Nora is really growing. She has her own independence and personality. She is a real joy. We are truly blessed with 3 beautiful children. God is good.

David "Dad"

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