Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Really happy & mad, all at the same time

Have you ever been so happy and mad all at the same time?? No? Me neither. However for Paul Thomas it happens several times every day. The one thing that makes him the happiest also makes him the maddest. :P This kitchen chair! For those of you who haven't heard, Paul Thomas is a CLIMBER! And he has figured out many things that he can climb up.

He can get on the sofa (watch out lamps!) he has mastered climbing up the stairway when we go up for bedtime, and he even climbs up onto Nora's step stool whenever he catches the opportunity.

Nora always wants to help me when I’m cooking, but now a days it is hard to time it so that Paul Thomas won’t get in the way – I try to buckle him and Olivia into their booster chairs and make it snack time for them while Nora and I cook… But back to the photos – THIS chair causes him so much misery and happiness all at the same time. He loves to climb up into it but b/c I keep it pushed back away from the table, once he gets up there he is madder than a hornet b/c he can’t get to the table. And after I’m tired of hearing him cry about it, I go over to take him down off the chair, only to have him collapse and go boneless in the floor, b/c he is really ticked off that I removed him from his chair! I can’t win! :P
It's only a matter of time before he figures out to” push the chair to where he wants to climb” before getting up in the chair! After that, look out counter tops!!!
Perhaps then it will be time to buy another baby gate and partition it off in the hall way to keep him out of there. We already have 3 gates in the house, what’s one more? *roll eyes*
We always dreamed of living in a “gated community” we just didn’t picture it like this! LOL :c)


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