Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Hurricane

photo posted as of 11:10pm

We've lived here for three years and as of tonight we are expecting our third Hurricane!

  1. Hurricane Rita - 09/24/05 - most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico

  2. Hurricane Humberto -09/14/07 - fastest growing hurricane in recorded history

  3. Hurricane Eudaro - 08/05/08 - "to be determined"

Well, actually the second we weren't "expecting" as it was just a tropical storm when we went to bed that night, but Hurricane Humberto picked up speed and became a hurricane in recorded history and left us without electricity for a few days and many trees blown down.

This hurricane's name is Eudaro and all day we have been staying tuned to the weather channel keeping our eye to see just exactly what he is predicted to do.

David's job responsibilities require him to dedicate a lot of attention to the hurricane b/c he is the Manager of Safety and Health. He was even later than usual getting home tonight and before he came in for supper he and Nora brought in all of the patio furniture and secured everything outside. I think it was about 8:45pm when we finally sat down to eat supper... then he sat with the phone's ear bug in his ear listening in on a state wide conference call to the National Weather Center.... while Nora and I kept quietly.

In the phone conference he learned that they have moved up the expected landfall time and that beginning as early as 2:00am our time we should begging feeling the effects of the Hurricane. In other words, that is about the time we can expect to loose electricity. :(

So, for now I'm signing off and will let everyone know how we are by phone tomorrow.

In case anyone wants to call us, our Campbellsville phone number that you have is set up to ring my cell phone. ;)

David, Bonnie, Nora, Olivia & Paul Thomas

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