Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mail Call - Momma, there's a box at the door

I already knew there was a box on it's way form Kentucky... and had hoped for it to arrive by Saturday.. but it didn't arrive until Monday night just as we were pulling the pizza out of the oven. Which although we missed out on "the coupon" it actually turned out to be perfect timing! :)

When the UPS man rang the door bell, David and the kids went running to go get the door and that was a great distraction so I could open the oven and pull the pizza out without having to worry about the little ones getting too close.

Talk about motivation to eat supper... Nora was so anxious to find out what was inside. We told her it was from Mamaw and Papaw, something for her and the babies... but we can't open it until we're done eating. I don't think I've seen her chow down so fast!

As David was cutting around all the tape I called Dad and Clara on the phone so we could talk to them as we opened it up. We had a good little visit :) and although they couldn't see our faces "live as it was happening" - now thru the computer they can :) .....and Dad, now that you can finally see this photo below is just for you- this is what Olivia does when we point the phone at her when you talk to her - she gets SO EXCITED!!! however she gets pretty frustrated too, b/c we won't let her hold the "buttons"

I love blogging! and I love even more that our parents are now connected!!

Oh, and I will leave you with one last pic that I snapped real quick after the kids got out of the bath tonight. :) Two out of three have robes... but don't feel sorry for Olivia for not having one... she wouldn't keep it on and I'm pretty sure you could bet that no matter how tight you tied the belt she'd be able to strip it off in less than 7 seconds! :P


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