Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Count Down until School Starts

This week is the final count down until school starts. Only ONE more day, as a matter of fact!! ;)

About a week or so ago, Nora helped me make a paper chain so that we could tear one off each day before school starts. I thought it would be fun to make and also help her understand just how long until school starts.

Honestly, it was not that helpful b/c she still thinks everyday that "tomorrow" will be school. :P

However, I think yesterday, she finally got it. I told her, "Today is Monday, we stay at home and do laundry day.... tomorrow, Tuesday, Diane comes to help mommy... and then the next day, Wednesday, is Nora's first day of school!"

I've been trying to prepare her mindset..."Daddy will take you to school in his car and Mommy will pick you up in her van."

We did get to go Sunday evening to "Meet the Teacher." Nora's teacher is Ms. Meaux (pronounced Moe) and she is very excited to have Nora in her classroom. This is Ms. Meaux's first year teaching and we were happy to learn that Ms. Meaux is a "lefty" - just like Nora! So that will be very helpful in refining Nora's writing skills. :)

Also Ms. Meaux asked us to bring the snack for the 1st day which also means to bring show-n-tell too. today she helped me make "Ants on Logs" (chocolate dipped raisins on pretzel sticks) and that was a lot of fun. Here are a few of them... we will also cut up apple slices and take too.

Sunday, when I asked what Nora wanted to think about bringing to show her new classmates, all she could come up with was, "I want to just show my teacher how I can run in circles!" :P

Ask a 4 year old... and you never know what you're gonna get! LOL But since Sunday, we have thought of a lot of "A" things... (since they will begin with letter A this week) and taking her Aquarium came close... but in the end she decided on her "talking America" puzzle. Every night at supper she has been practicing what she is gonna say...

  • Hi boys & girls, my name is Nora Anne..."
  • "This is the state that we live in, Texas"
  • "I was born in Georgia, and it is a peaches state.."
  • "My grandparents live in the bluegrass state, Kentucky"
  • "Michael & Abbey live in Mississippi's capital, Jackson, which is also my dog's name.."

...then maybe show them which is her favorite state... Wisconsin, or Arkansas.. depending on her mood :P and press the flag for the pledge of allegiance and then press Statue of Liberty to hear the song "America."

I know that's a lot to talk about... but she isn't shy... but, I'm reminding myself, she's only 4 which =s UNpredictable! so there is no telling what she will say or do tomorrow. If I hear any "interesting" reviews, I'll be sure and let you know. :P

So, preK/4... get ready 'cause here comes Nora Anne!!!


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Leslie said...

I can't believe school is already starting for Nora. She sounds like she is ready!! I can't wait to hear about her adventures at pre-k this year. And that ants on a log snack looks like its a really good idea. I might have to use it for pre-k this year too! How did you make them?

We still have a couple more weeks until we start school up here in PA. The boys are so excited!