Friday, August 15, 2008

"AGAIN, Can You Believe It?"

"Good Morning Momma, the sun is waking up!"

Those were the first words I heard this morning at 6:05 AM as Nora tapped me on my shoulder as I lay in bed snoozing. Although I wasn't quite ready to give up my dream land... it was a great way to start the day! She was in a great mood. :)

Getting ready was so much easier today. Perhaps Third Time is a Charm after all? :c)


Yesterday when I picked Nora up, I learned that she is THE ONLY kid in both preK/3 and preK/4 who goes only a half day. :(
There was another mom in a SUV in front of me while I waited and I had hoped that she was picking up her child who hopefully was not just in Nora's grade, but same classroom as well - that way she'd have a "buddy" or someone like her that leaves like she does... but no. :( Turns out that lady was here for something else...

So at 11:30 Nora walked out holding Dr. Droddy's (school principal) hand and she had a huge smile on her face when she saw me! :) Goooooood! I thought.

and Nora climbed up in the car proclaiming, "....and she told me I get to come back again TOMORROW Momma - tomorrow I can come back AGAIN, can you believe it!" :P

Perhaps Nora is gonna be the only one at home who will be sad to see the weekend arrive? LOL However, I think breakfast at IHOP and a couple Birthday parties we've been invited to will help distract her from the "no school today blues" :)


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