Monday, August 4, 2008

Mail Call

Edited to add: Dad, I forgot to mention that you can double click on any of the pictures to see them larger.. then when you are done hit the left arrow/back button at the top of your screen to get back to the blog. ;) Love you, and so glad you are "online" now!!! ~bonnie

This Saturday Nora got mail! She often gets postcards from all over the country (she collects them and many of Bonnie's online quilter friends have sent her over 200) and also she receives a few here and there from family.... and then there are letters/cards that come from the grandparents... She really loves to get mail, and even more so now that she can recognize her own name!! :c)

...but Saturday's mail was from someone who was a total surprise! Her Vacation Bible School teacher sent her a note card and a few photos! :) How nice! Check out that photo of Nora actually looking up AND smiling! She never does that for me!?#@>@#! And in the class photo she was squeezed in between two girls so you can barely see her... She's the second from the left.
The 1st girl on the left is Jasmine, who Nora was so excited about after the first day of VBS. She came home telling me that "the REAL Jasmine" was in her class and that "she is 4 years old just like me!" :c)

Here is what Ms. Kathy wrote:

"Nora, Just a note to thank you for coming to Vacation Bible School. We had lots of fun! I am sending you a few pictures for your scrap book -Remember Choose Jesus... He loves you very much.

Ms. Kathy"

Wasn't that sweet of her to do? Nora's class had a total of 7 four year old girls. Yep, ALL girls in her class this year. :) Nora called it her "Daycation Bi-Vul School" and was sad on Friday that it was soon going to be over. The only thing that cheered her up was telling her about the "talent show" she was gonna have.... (singing commencement for the parents)

David had planned to meet us there on his lunch break from work, but something important at the plant came up and he didn't get to make it. I had the video camera with me but the battery was dead :( however I was able to take a few photos with the digital camera.

This year, there were so many kids!!! I think some 30+ that were 5 and under, in addition to the bigger kids.... and Nora is so short and she was in the back so it was very hard for me to even pick her out in the crowd. So I didn't get any "good" photos of her. :(
only Nora's head is the only part of her body showing in this pic. Near the center. (I told you she was hard to find)

I hope you can view the photos, I took pictures of them with my digital camera b/c the scanner on the printer is not cooperating/working these days.

this photo shows Nora with her friend Isabella (who was in the 5 year old class) so when Nora found her in the crowd, she ditched her classmates to be with her friend from church :P

and after the singing, everyone enjoyed a hot dog lunch... and guess who Nora sat beside? Isabella and Father Tom! "Hot Dog!" :c)

So thanks Ms. Kathy for the mail -a great reminder that I had forgotten to post about Nora's first year at VBS... that was the last week of July.


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