Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to us!

15 years ago tonight, David and I said "I Do" to a life together as Man and Wife.  We choose 2/21 because both his mom's parents, and dad's parents (both sets of his grandparents) also married on February 21st :)

How can time pass so quickly??  How is it that I can remember so much from some of those years, and yet have ave no recollection to some of those years in-between???  I know that it was a long wait for us to become a family - 8 years waiting for our first baby and then, BAM within 3 years we had 3 kids!  Life since then has been so fun, and challenging at times, but so worth the wait!

I'm so thankful God choose David for me and the kids.  He is truly a great, great man!!  I love him so much.  Thanks David for putting up with me this long and being my best friend..... I hope we have many more years together! 

Wow - I had to log back in to edit this and share two more photos.  Just a few moments after I posted this, there was a knock at the front door....  Are you Mrs. Minor?? the girl asked.

Thanks to Olivia having my camera in her hands, you can see my reaction after bringing them into the living room and setting them down on the marble coffee table. ;)

Thank you David!!!  You totally caught me off guard and totally surprised me! I've forgotten how long it's been since I received roses, but the feeling is the same as I remember.... I'm a little bit giddy now :D  Thanks again honey.  I love you always too!


Will be away from the computer for a while

I've decided to give up using the computer for my leisure time during the 40 days of Lent starting on Ash Wednesday tomorrow.

I'm hopeful that this year's Lenten Journey will be one of the best yet. May each of you reading this also enjoy this time to prepare our hearts for Jesus this Easter. 

See you in April after Easter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SNOW much fun on Valentine's Day 2012

Guess who's having SNOW much fun today on Valentine's???  It's been a very mild winter here in Indiana this year and today's the first big snow of the season.  These Texas kids are SO excited. Can you tell?
Paul Thomas
Who, just couldn't wait to start throwing snowballs at each other, and me!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A couple quilts I've been working on this winter

Although the sewing room here in the rental home is very, very, tiny.... I've enjoyed working on some blocks and today got my rows sewn together into a quilt top. Ta-Da!

It's called Hand Me Downs and I've made it 100% using cut up men's cotton button down shirts.  I just love the colors and the soft texture.  It's sure to be a favorite sofa quilt in the future :)

Antoher quilt that I've been working on and is neeeeearly large enough is this one. Although I love our King sized bed... it is a huge task to make quilt for it.  Ideally I'd love to have one for each month to change out, but I'll just have to settle for a couple as it takes forever.... and ever!

Did you see my little "Monkey Helper" in the photo below???  Olivia was so willing and ready to help hand me pins off my magnetic pin holder Sunday afternoon. :)    (Yes. Yes, I know there are boxes still in the sewing room.....at this point, anything still boxed up is just gonna have to stay that way until we buy our new home.)

We only have my 1st ever quilt that I made for David before we married that we use on our bed and it's not quite wide enough but we make it work... at the time he had a King size waterbed so hangover amount wasn't considered - just enough to tuck in each side.... but this one will fit the bed or ELSE. lol
I took this photo today, outside hanging over the neighbor's fence.  Aren't all those scraps scrumptious!  ;)