Monday, June 28, 2004

Mon, Jun 28, 2004

Today Nora had her first doctor's visit. Since Dr. Nesbitt was on vacation, Dr. Tanner looked her over really good.

Weight loss is typical, especially in breastfeed babies since mother's milk doesn't come in until around the 3rd day or so. Nora's weight is down to 7 lbs. 4 oz.

David and I were surprised that going to the doctor's office would be such a big ordeal. We performed a remarkable tag team diaper changing routine while waiting to see the doctor.

(diaper #1) Then after we got to the waiting room she apparently was not done from before so when the nurse came to weigh her and she had to get naked again she got diaper #2. Then the doctor came into see her = all clothes off again!

... they really look them over from head to toe and inside and out!...

Shortly after that diaper came off she actually starting doing #2 on the examining table naked. It was a big mess! (diaper #3.) Doctor Tanner looked at David and said, "Ok Daddy, you're ON!"

We go back on 07/08/04 for her two week check up.

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