Friday, January 28, 2005

Fri, Jan 28, 2005

Sorry for not updating sooner. Over Christmas we - or rather, "I" misplaced (not lost) the battery charger for the digital camera and we have not been able to use it for a month now. Just this week we got to download the photos we took by using a borrowed card reader. I will work hard over the next few days to update Nora's page with new photos! Don't know when we will get to take any more photos as our camera and all of it's replacement parts are discontinued. It's 4 years old.... perhaps we will buy a new camera for our 8th anniversary?

So much is happening with Nora, it's hard to know where to start so I will just start with most recent and when I think of the other I will come back and post with a backdate... Today she had her fist official "FIT"!!!

Nora and I were at daily mass. She was playing with my sunglasses during the homily and gagged herself so when I tried to help her out by taking them out of her hands she screamed - so upset with me. I gave them back to her as my first reaction to get her to stop with her worked..but she gagged herself again so I took them away. She threw her weight back with all her might and screamed. I quickly gathered up my jacket and her blanket and headed for the cry room. She cried the whole way. Since we have been attending daily mass, this was our first time to go to the cry room.

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