Sunday, July 3, 2005

Sun, Jul 3, 2005

We are feeling a little blue today, or at least I (Bonnie) am. The 4th of July is tomorrow and we don't have any plans. There was no mention of a parade in the local newspaper last week. I don’t think they do much here in Orange except a small fireworks show at dusk. I am really starting to feel homesick for KY.

There is no place I rather be on the 4th of July than at home in Campbellsville. From sun up to sun down there is something to do. Every year following the parade downtown, we walk Main Street and it usually becomes like a homecoming seeing people we haven’t seen in a long time. We haven’t missed many 4th of July’s over the years.

The first time we didn’t make it home was the year we built our home in Sumter, SC. David & I spent the whole day planning our landscaping. Last year Nora was only 11 days old and we were hosting a house full of company at our home in Augusta, GA. My family - Daddy, Barry and Brian came down from KY to meet Nora for the first time. I wasn’t feeling up to traveling yet.

I think we will start planning for next year. We will have to make a trip to Campbellsville for the 4th of July next year. Nora will have just turned 2 and I'm sure she will enjoy it more then.

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