Monday, December 5, 2005

Sun, Dec 4, 2005

Well they say that practice makes perfect and if that is true, then Nora is well on her way to mastering Lego’s! :)

Her favorite toy are now Lego Blocks b/c this past week she has taken a new interest in them. Before now, she would walk thru them and swat them around with her hands and occasionally carry one around and chew on it (not to worry, she cant’ choke on them - they are the great big ones.) But now she plays with them all day long!

She sat in the floor for over an hour putting together 7 of the single blocks and then taking them apart and lining them up on the hearth and then putting them back together. She did this over and over and over and…… The day that she first did this, I thought that it would just be for the day, but since then she has been so absorbed in these Lego’s everyday!

She has to have at least 2 in her hands all day - in the highchair while eating, in the car, in the bathtub and even in her bed when at nap time when she goes to bed! The last 3-4 mornings when she wakes up we can hear her on the monitor playing and talking to her Lego’s.

This weekend we actually got to sleep in until 8:30!! Wooo HOooo! ;)

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