Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Tue, May 9, 2006

ok, sorry it has been forever since posting anything....I had added some photos not too long ago but hadn't addded any news......well David decided to log in and didn't have the password and instead of asking me hit the button for password help and they reset it sending it to our email - only the message didn't go to the "in box" instead went and hung out in the junk mail folder with 381 other junk messages....

It wasn't until last night that I figured all of this out and had to go digging thur all of them! whew, I know that is a terrible runon sentance but I don't feel like backspacing and correcting it. LOL :)

I will post news as I remember it and post date them as they happened. So if you get an email update that new stuff has happened you will know what is going on :) You can always click at the top of the page on the LatestNews link too.

Love from Texas, Bonnie

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