Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thu, May 17, 2007

Well the waiting game continues - still another week before we go back to Dr. Oliver and she will do another ultrasound on the twins. Only this time she said she would be paying extra attention to the babies' chest cavity sizes so see if they are abnormaly large or not.

I know that there are tons of people praying for us - our family and friends, my new ACTS sisters from church are prayign, and even some of my quilter friends and people I have never met before are all praying for out twins. Each day when I check the email there are several emails of prayers. This is SO comforting and I would not have this peace that I now have if I didn't have these prayers being said for us.

Waiting is never easy but this time it hasn't been as bad as I had thought. I know that God is in control and that everything is going to be ok with the babies. They are still very active which is reassuring :) It feels like an earthquake going on inside me in the evenings when I get still.

However, baby boy is constantly in my rib cage at night time - making sleeping nearly impossible!!! I keep telling myself only a few more weeks... only a few more weeks... :) Actually from today it is only 21 days until June 7th. That is the date we have set as the target C-section date.

David bought his mom and Grandma Reliford - or rather Grandma Sublett now... she recently remarried. Boy that sounds strange! LOL :) They will be arriving on Wednesday June 6th.

Nora's weekly playgroup has plans to go to Houston on Thursday the 7th of June to visit "Ole McDonald's Petting Zoo/Farm" so my friend Heidi will be taking Nora on the trip and we (David, the Grandmas and I) will be at the hospital hopefully delivering the twins. :)

I am trying hard to get everything that needs to get done - DONE but feeling overwhelmed b/c there is STILL SOOOOOO MUCH TO DO and so little time!!! We still haven't set up the nursery yet!

Also we have some shopping left to do for furniture. Nora needs a new "white" dresser for her room to match her bed and dollhouse/bookcase - and then we are moving her current dresser into the nursery and the twins already have so many clotehs that I know I am going to need to buy a chest to go in there too.

I am making a spreadsheet of contacts to take to the hospital... and also an email list so David will know who to send photos to. I don't know if he will make any updates here b/c he has NEVER uploaded anything to this website before....

Well, I will run for now - maybe tonight after Nora is in bed, I can get new photos uploaded for all of you to see :)

Love from TX, Bonnie

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