Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nora's 1st Sleepover Birthday Party 8/22/10

This is Nora's FIRST ever night away from home... as in first SLEEP-OVER ;) and she is excited, and a little nervous. Her classmate Montana is turning 6 and there are a total of 13 girls in first grade... and all invited! Can you even imagine!!?! Bags are packed.....

Can you believe all the gear for just one night? Tinkerbell holds her sleepin bag, Princess & the Frog Backpack her change of clothes, and her Birthday present for Montana is in the orange bag... then her pillow which holds Nora's 2 best buds...June and Chocolate Bear

Nora made the cutest card - "Heart Friends" of course! :)

and here we are, at the Birthday Girl's home!

Happy Birthday Montana! I'm sure you girls will all have a great time!

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