Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A sick week

There's been no school all week, b/c the kids have been on "Fall Break."  You'd think I'd have all sorts of fun stuff to report... only we've been feverish and vomiting and the doctor confirmed today that ALL THREE KIDS tested POSITIVE for Strep....*again* - We just had this in September. :/

As luck would have it, tonight was our appointment for the church directory... and there was no calling to reschugle b/c this was their last night at church.  They've been taking photos every weekend for 2 months and all this week...  GREAT. This is the worst day of the week and we'll have a photo to prove it! lol  

David drove from work and met us there and I left plenty early so that I could change the twins after I arrived...  Paul Thomas had a bath towel over him b/c today he's been my puker.  He spit up 4 times on the way there... so I'm glad I didn't have him dressed before hand. 

On the way home, both he and Nora were asleep before I even got onto the interstate. :(  Poor kidos!

Needless to say the photo lady didn't make a sale on our family... just pick the best one for the book please and let's get outta here.... 

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