Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paul Thomas' apology letter.

Photo: PT wrote his teacher a letter and she texted me a photo of it. She was laughing when she told me about it and said it was the cutest apology letter she's ever received.
Today I volunteered for the first time in Paul Thomas' classroom.

I helped prepare a math center activity and then started a project for an upcoming Johnny Appleseed unit.

I will never look at another construction paper project that my child made at school without respecting the poor volunteer who had to prepare and cutout the 24 pieces that my child glued together!!!

Oh the cutting! Lucky me, I get to cut out 21 bib overalls, 21 shirts, 21 apples, 21 stems.... and who knows what else?  I didn't get done, so I will finish up that next time.

The twins are in 1st grade this year and for the first time are in separate classrooms.  Meaning that I don't always hear about "every little thing" that happened at school each day.

Just before leaving, PT's teacher pulled me aside and told me about how earlier this week while the kids were lining up, she overhear him tell another classmate that she was a dumb teacher.

She said she bent down face to face and asked him what he had said.  She said the dear in the headlights look came over his face and his eyes got SOOOO BIG!  She was laughing the whole time she was telling me.  Maybe she was laughing at me????  I'm sure my mouth was gaped wide open as I was hearing this play out....maybe I had the same "dear in the headlights look?"

Paul Thomas was in such shock that he'd been CAUGHT that she said he for the first time was truly speechless!!  She suggested that if he couldn't talk to her that maybe he should go get a piece of paper and write her a note.  She couldn't find it among all the other papers on her desk to show me before I left yesterday - so she said she'd text me a photo of it when she found it on her desk.

I'm glad she did - so that I can share here ;)  She said it was the cutest apology letter she's ever received.  Thankfully she has a good sense of humor!

In case you're not fluent in "Inventive Spelling" it reads:

"I am sorry for saying you are a dumb teacher.  I will never call you a dumb teacher ever again.  I have learned my lesson."

Oh boy.  Good thing he's awfully cute!

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