Saturday, August 6, 2005

Sat, Aug 6, 2005

Nora was such a stinker at Sears last weekend!! I thought she would be in a great mood b/c she napped in the van during the drive over to Mid County. The first was the only photo they were able to take with her posed. The other two snapshots she was in movin’ – moving out of the camera’s view!

Although you can’t tell from how happy she looks - She was so fussy and in a terrible mood. She kept running to me and crying. I am surprised I didn’t show up in the picture #2 b/c I was so close to her trying to get her to stay put. After about 30 minutes, 3 snapshots was all she was able to get.

Oh well, guess Nora showed us! Ha-ha We will go back again soon the lady extended my coupon since it expired 7/31. I am hoping she will do better when we go back. (The pics are in a new photo album and will look fuzzy b/c they are proofs.) Love from Texas!

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