Monday, August 15, 2005

Mon, Aug 15, 2005

We all love looking through magazines – especially babies.

Ever since Nora started crawling, she has loved getting her hands on magazines!!! But today she discovered a whole new way to play with them.

After ripping out a few dozen pages she was walking around and two pages stuck to her feet. She stomped around the house looking down at her feet the whole time and squealing in amazement. It was so cute! You would have thought she had on a new pair of cowboy boots!

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Sat, Aug 6, 2005

I almost forgot to add the Zoo photos! We took Nora to the Houston Zoo the weekend of my Birthday. We had a great time but it was way too HOT!! I am sorry there aren't many the camera starting acting up. We were really disapointed that we didn't get to take many. Maybe the battery went bad? Not sure?

Sat, Aug 6, 2005

Nora was such a stinker at Sears last weekend!! I thought she would be in a great mood b/c she napped in the van during the drive over to Mid County. The first was the only photo they were able to take with her posed. The other two snapshots she was in movin’ – moving out of the camera’s view!

Although you can’t tell from how happy she looks - She was so fussy and in a terrible mood. She kept running to me and crying. I am surprised I didn’t show up in the picture #2 b/c I was so close to her trying to get her to stay put. After about 30 minutes, 3 snapshots was all she was able to get.

Oh well, guess Nora showed us! Ha-ha We will go back again soon the lady extended my coupon since it expired 7/31. I am hoping she will do better when we go back. (The pics are in a new photo album and will look fuzzy b/c they are proofs.) Love from Texas!

Monday, August 1, 2005

Mon, Aug 1, 2005

Nora had her visit with her new pediatrician last week. Dr. Medrano was very friendly and took to Nora right away. You can tell she really loves children. Nora’s weight and height have been updated in the status and growth chart.

Nora is doing new things everyday. She stated shaking her head “NO!? about a week ago and does it all the time. Even when you ask her if she wants a drink and she does she will shake her head no first then grab the cup. Typical female, we are suppose to be able to read her mind all the time and know what she is thinking – ha-ha.

She also throws tantrums already! And she isn’t close to being 2yrs old or 3 (which I have herd is worse that the terrible two’s.) We call them total meltdowns. She is so tenderhearted and if she is getting into something she isn’t suppose to be and you tell her no, she gets SO UPSET! She squats down then throws her whole body to the floor balling!

She recently started demanding for a lot of holding. Not sure if that is linked with the teething maybe she isn’t’ feeling good? Her top molars still haven’t’ broken thru the gums yet. She wants to be held all the time and balls if you set her down. Daddy got a good taste of it over the past weekend. She has learned that she can climb anything she can get her knee up on. She is getting fast climbing up the stairs when we go up to bed.

I can’t remember if I told everyone about her getting into her walker on her own. I was totally surprised one day when I came out of the bathroom and there she was in it! I got her out and watched her climb back into it. She sure is strong! Well I will post some photos later on when she is taking a nap.