Monday, February 13, 2006

Mon, Feb 13, 2006

Nora has really bad infection in both ears. She has never had an ear infection before so this was a total surprise. I guess 17 months of breast feeding did pay off b/c Nora’s doctor seemed surprised that a child this old had never had an ear infection until now….almost 20 months old.

Dr. Byerly prescribed her an antibiotic and recommended to drink lots of water and also Pedialite since she vomited so much yesterday and last night. She’s never had the Pedialite before and I bought the grape since she loves the grape cough syrup but she wouldn’t drink it at all today. Maybe she will take some tomorrow.

Today she only weighed 23.8 lbs. Her weight was actually 2 lbs lower than her last time there! (Nov 2005) He said that fluids actually weigh a lot and thought that she would regain it soon. I guess her loosing 2 lbs that quickly would be equivalent to David or me loosing 20 lbs in a week probably.

I told him of her coughing and runny nose all last week and that David had been diagnosed with Step about 10 days ago… but he was most concerned with the ear infection and vomiting. He said that she should hold off on eating for the next two days and just drink. A jar of food or couple of crackers is all we should give her at meal time… so that she can keep it down and stressed again getting plenty of fluids.

He said that if she continues vomiting today after taking the medicine to call and he would give her the antibiotic by shot for the first dose to get her going and then the rest by mouth. Well after the Dr. I went to CVS and filled the prescription.

WOWZWERS! Just one antibiotic cost $56.45 after the insurance! I was shocked! I know my mouth dropped open when the cashier told me the amount. I wish now that the Dr. had given her the shot the $20 co-pay would have covered it along with the office visit!!!!

She is down for the night and knock on wood, we had no vomiting today. I hope tonight is a good night for Nora. She sure can use the rest as she has been worn out. Our appointment at 11am ruined her naptime – no 3 hour nap today. After we got put into an exam room she was so tired that she went to sleep in my lap and was asleep for about 10 minutes before the Dr. came in. He did most all of the exam with her asleep on my lap. She never knew he listened to her breathing, her heart, looked in her ears all while she was a sleep.

However when it came time for him to look in her mouth she did wake up and it was a very rude awakening! Poor Nora just got 20 minutes of nap time today. I hope tomorrow is a better day for Nora. Thank you for your prayers for Nora!

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