Monday, February 13, 2006

Mon, Feb 13, 2006

Just wanted you all to know that Nora has been really sick. All last week she has had a nasty nose and coughing and we have been giving her doses of medicine but yesterday (Sunday 2/12) she was SICK- SICK.

Before church she vomited twice. First when she was eating and second, while we were getting ready. Then at church she vomited during the readings and David did the best he could to cover her mouth and catch while rushing her to the back but she still made a mess. Luckily we sat in the 3rd from last row so not that many people saw it or knew of it....

...but then Father Tom had seen it as it happened b/c when he gave his homily he mentioned "poor little Nora Minor" and her getting sick……..I guess it somewhat tied in with the theme of lepers and how people were isolated and didn’t want to make other sick in the community…..

David and Nora stood up in the back for the rest of Mass. He wanted to stay close to the bathroom just in case. After we got home, we ate some lunch before putting her down for her nap and she had a good appetite. She ate several French fries and 3 chicken nuggets. But before we were done she vomited it all up (this now being the 4th time that day).

I took her up and gave her a bath and then put her down. Poor Baby. After her nap though she felt better than she had all day and had a grand time running around playing before bed time.

However…. This morning around 6am, just before the sun came up, I heard her coughing on the monitor and she was coughing one right after another so I got up to go give her some cough syrup and when I went in her bed was covered with dried up vomit. It was terrible! I won’t go into what it looked like but it was bad.

I picked her up and went and got David up and he came and changed out the bed sheet for me while I gave her medicine and then rocked her back to sleep. This morning I called Dr. Byerly at 8:30 and we have an appointment to go in at 11am. Hopefully she will get to feeling better soon.

This is the first time in her life she has had vomiting before. Poor Nora.

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