Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sat, Jun 24, 2006

Yesterday, Nora turned 2 years old! :) She received two very special Birthday cards in the mail - the first from Miss Alice who sent her a card with her special angel stamps on the envelope :) and two $1 bills - and the second card wasn't signed LOL but we figured it out because thankfully MawMaw Clara did remember to put a return address sticker on the back of the envelope. I called my Dad and we all had a good laugh :)

Nora also received a package from Abbey & Michael yesterday. They sent her a really cute outfit and a swimsuit with cherries on it. She knew just what to do with it too! When she saw it she immediately began pulling it over her head wanting to wear it and go to the spray park. It was too funny seeing her pull it over her head and her face bursting thru the spandex! :) LOL I will upload photos later.

Today David and I are taking Nora to Beaumont, to go to Chunky Cheese for lunch. We are taking Miss Heidi and Nora's best friend Jed (he's 3 months older than Nora) and of course his baby brother Eli (6 months old) gets to go too. We figured this would be fun for Nora and she LOVES Pizza.

This won't be her first time exactly - we did go last Dec. while in KY - but she hasn't been since so it will be all new to her again most likely. Last year, the day we went, she was not feeling good and laid her head on the table the whole time. I know today she will really love it!

The official Birthday Party will be while we are home in KY on vacation the 1st week of July. Nora's thing right now is "Ole McDonald" so my Dad is going to be in caharde of giving all the kids a hay ride around the farm. I know she will LOVE it!!! July 2nd at 2pm at Bonnie's Dads home... invitations will be mailed out this week. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!
Love from Texas! Bonnie, Nora, David & Jackson

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