Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's!!!

On Valentine's Day Daddy brought home lots of goodies....
Roses for Momma... and Big sister claimed one of them as hers ;)

little sister got a purple Care-Bear...named "Share Bear"and little brother got a "Pooh Bear"
although I think he would have been much happier with his OWN remote! :) LOLit didn't take him long to snatch this favorite one of Daddy's!and Big sister got her FAVORITE Care Bear, "Cheer Bear with a "Rain-Mo" on her belly! ;)Ok, look here kidos, time for a group photo!!!OK Daddy get behind Momma and act silly so the kids will look... or at least 2/3 will look at least! :P Hope all of you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from Texas!

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