Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry for the so far inbetween posts time! Just where does the time go??? Thanks to many of you for personally emailing me to see if we are OK. Can you believe the twins just turned 8 months old last week! (2/4)
Lookie here who has a mouth full of teeth! He loves to show them off to everyone too and it is so cute! Little sister is not too far behind... top 2 have broke thru but not down far yet.

This is the only photo (taken the same day) of her showing any teeth.... with her personality, she usually smiles sticking her tounge out so it is hard to get a photo of teeth showing
Also showing in the photo is her FOOT which is sooooo like her! She always manages to loose one sock every time we leave the house! LOL She has been so good cutting her top 4 teeth. They are just breaking thru this week and of course she has the super snotty nose but so far still sleeping all night - WHICH is a GOOD THING! ;)
more later, I PROMISE! gotta go do breathing treatments right now. One thing I love about Monday, is that I do not have to RUSH out the door to get anywehre and can enjoy my mornings ;) Any other day of the week, we have already done everything and where we are going by now.
Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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