Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Sleepless Night

OK, I hope this doesn't confuse anyone - but just before I hit "publish post" I thought I would add some photos that were taken a couple Sunday's ago when the weather was quite warm. After church we went to DQ. They have nothing to do with what I am writing about, but at least you will have something good to look at while you read about the not so good news. ;) ~Bonnie

Last night was a rough night I have had in a while, no scratch that - it WAS one one of the worst nights I've had in a few months... who would have thought that continuious nights of interupted sleep would promote moodiness and irritability!?! and when you add a sick and screaming baby in there, at the wee hours in the morning... let's just say, it ISN'T FUN! :(

The twins have been sick ever since Thanksgiving with coughing, and while it seems to be getting better with Baby Girl, brother is getting worse. Night before last he ran fever all night and then again all day yesterday which led to a doctor's visit... and while we were there had sister's diaper rash/yeast infection looked at too. *It's the worst I have ever seen and nothing we tried could get it under control.* Turns out they BOTH have viral infections. Different types. In addition to her diaper rash/yeast infection, Baby girl, also has a minor rash all on her back and chest. When I was taking off her closthes for exam the Dr. saw it immediately and that was the first clue that something was up with her. Dr. gave us a box full of samples of a high dose cream, that can only be used once a day, to put on her yeast infection and also wrote down his cell number and said to call him in 4 days if we don't see an improvement. So naturally since the longest period that she is in her diaper is at night time, that is when I choose to treat her with the special cream. David put it on her last night before bed, and this morning I could tell a difference. The rash is still very obvious and spread out - but not bright red this morning. We'll wait and see how it goes as the day goes on. For other diaper changes we are to use the Nystatin and Desiden.

Now, Brother's viral infection is very different than the one baby girl has. He had been having fever since 3am the night before and I had been alternating Tylenol and Motrin every two hours but couldn't' break the fever. He woke up to fever, gave medicine - measured again at 9am still over 100... then when we got home at noon, it measured 102.3 so I called the Dr.

Dr. found the symptom of the viral infection in baby brother's mouth. He showed David the ulcer with the light and scope. I didn't get to see b/c I was dressing sister... but Dr. said that antibiotics would not help for this type viral infection and that chances are we would all take turns getting this too. Especially the kids. :( He mentioned keeping close watch on baby boy and keeping the fever under control and keeping him hydrated. He said that we may see the same ulcers appear on his hands, feet and/or his bottom. If so to call him on his cell phone number at any time of day or night.

Dr. also said after the fever breaks, if he doesn't seem his self (eye contact, smiling, playful....) to call him immediately for that too. Naturally while he is having fever he wasn't gonna feel himself, b/c during fever his body is doing it's job to fight off the infection, but that after the fever is gone and he still not himeself then somehting elese is up. And he is right, all day today, baby boy has not felt very good. :(

Dr. also said that both babies should continue on one of the breathing treatment medications twice daily ALL THRU THE WINTER! Whereas, we have only been doing it once at bed time. and that Baby boy should have a THIRD breathing treatment during the afternoon and he is to have two medications in nebulizer for early am and before bed... :( So if each treatment takes 25-35 each per kid...I instantly think to myself, HOW-IN-THE-WORLD am I gonna be able to do all of this?!@!@! ....but somehow, I will. I have to.
At the end of November, when we first got the nebulizer we could have gotten two (one for each kid) but only got one at the time... not sure how much insurance would cover. Luckily they covered 100% of it b/c we had met our deductible for the year, so today after hearing we would have to increase breathing treatments, I asked the Dr to write another request for a 2nd, that will at least help out at bedtime - David and I can give them at the same time and be done with it in 35 minutes... but as for the morning... well... lets just say, that is gonna be hard!

David agreed to help me before he goes to work... which means getting up a little earlier. But since last night I was up with baby boy from 3:20 until 5:30 (handed him over to David) but at 5:55 the screaming sound much worse so I got up to go check... and they were laid out on the floor of the baby's room and David was asleep and SNORING!!! How in the world could he sleep with a screaming baby only 12" away from his head??? I dismissed him back to bed and then was up with baby boy until about 6:30am before he fell asleep.
I knew he was hungry but he would not nurse! Nothing made him madder. His nose was all yucky and running like a creek... and his fever was still high... 101. Rocking didn't help, shushing didn't help, walking the floor helped a little (not as bad screaming but still crying) but that wore me out. He finally took a bottle around 6am and gobbled it down and fell asleep.

So I got into bed as David's alarm clock was going off at 6:30am and mine was set for 7:30am b/c Big sister had to be at school a half hour earlier today for their Christmas pageant rehearsal.
So, needless to say the am breathing treatment did not get done with the babies today. I was too tired and David was running late for work. I slept for an hour before having to get up and get going... and did not have time. We will start the official breathing treatment routine TOMORROW!

I would love to take a nap but that is impossible with Big Sister these days.... We do have "quiet" time in the afternoon, and that helps some... She doesn't have to go to sleep (although that would be nice) but she has to lay on her bed. She may look at her books only, no toys. Yesterday she was quiet the whole time, but kept coming out of her room and sitting/playing with the gate at the top of the stairs. Just by coincidence, BOTH babies were napping at THE SAME TIME (which RARELY happens) upstairs... so I didn't even push the issue to get back to your bed thing b/c I didn't want her to begin screaming/crying (which she is so over the top - LOUD, when she's tired) and risk waking up the twins.... I can only hope that the twins will get on the same nap time schedule soon!

I'll sign off for now -but just wanted those of you who check our blog often to have an update so you can keep us in your prayers. :) Every little bit helps and I need all the "help & Grace" I can get.

I hope you at least enjoyed the photos - I know I am looking forward to baby boy smiling again! and speaking of smiles, did you notice that Baby Sister has her teeth now too! You can scroll back up and click on photo to make it larger and you will see them there! Yeah, now everyone in our family has teeth! :)

Merry Christmas and Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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