Thursday, December 13, 2007

Story Time Christmas Party

Yesterday was the Christmas Party for all the kids who go to Story Time. Can you believe I got the kids dressed up and even time for photos in front of big sister's tree before leaving and we drove to another town and even ARRIVED 15 MINUTES early!!! It was a combined class activity meaning 40 kids... and double the amount of cars... so I wanted to get there first so I could have a close parking place and not have to walk so far... I think I'm getting the hang of this! ;)
...and look!! - Big Sister gladly offered to take my photo with the babies! She loves taking photos!
Santa even stopped by for a visit and all the kids got the chance to talk with him one on one.... or at least all the kids who "wanted" to. ;) Here is Big Sister shaking hands with him when she first saw him.She knew exactly what she was gonna tell him and patiently waited her turn. She wasn't scared at all of him this year and even sat in his lap. She promptly told him she wanted "A ONE, and for the One to be on her car" then when he asked her if she had been good this year, she told him how she had learned to use the potty "every time, everyday!" ;)
Little Brother had a real special "One-to-one" gibber jabber with Santa. It was too cute! :)
Little Sister gave Santa her Super Stretch and refused to bend those stiff legs!
Here Santa is giving her, her goodie bag. I don't have photos of the other two but he also had goodie bags for each of the babies! :) Yeah, Mom & Dad get treats too! After she and Santa were done talking we jumped in for a quick family shot with Santa. Both babies were fascinated with all the hair he had and quickly each got a fist full of it! :)

Daddy was also able to join us for the party since it is so close to his work! I'm really glad too and not just b/c of the extra help with the twins...although that was a nice bonus!!! But b/c he rarely gets to see the fun stuff that Big Sister does. Usually it is just dinner time conversation, but today he got to be there and experience it with her! She loved sitting by her daddy and eating cup cakes and cookies too!
During clean up time by the Story Time crew, I sat and nursed a baby before drivng home and Miss Melissa read a book to Big Sister.
She LOVES for people to read books to her! Warning, just don't take her with you into a card store... like Hallmark! She will bring you cards and BEG you to read each one to her and after you read them, before you can find it's spot to put it back she will have picked out another handful!!!

What a fun day!!! We are so grateful to have children! Thank you dear Father for these precious gifts you have blessed us with!!! ~B

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

Hope you enjoy adding these to your family album. It was a real pleasure to spend the day celebrating with your family and all the others. You get the bonus of the pictures since I have your e-mail.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year