Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hey everyone, take a look at what David has been teaching the kids!

Boy who knew that the twins would learn so fast!!! They are gonna do just fine keeping up with Big Sister Nora! There is no way you can watch it and NOT LAUGH!!! There was only room for 4 so I am not included – but I think it turned out great!

Check it out by clicking the link

If you make one of your family send us a link so we can watch!

To save on time, I am emailing this out to all of our family and friends so consider this your Christmas Card just incase I don’t time to address all the envelopes! ;) LOL

Merry Christmas and Love from Texas,
David, Bonnie, Nora, Olivia & Paul Thomas


Anonymous said...

Miss Bonnie, This is just the cutest thing I have seen so far this Christmas. I sure hope you are doing well, it looks like the rest of the family is. Take care and have a very Merry Christmas.

Love ya,
Miss Alice
(Augusta, GA)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!!!! I was seriously dying laughing!!!!!!! That was too funny!! The look on N's face in that picture was perfect!!!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Somehow it's hard for me to imagine David wearing a green velvet suit and pointy toed shoes! :)

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Bonnie Burt
(Augusta, GA)

Anonymous said...

O's picture was perfect!


Anonymous said...

That was great!!! One of Andrew's colleagues sent one of these to us last is absolutely hysterical! Thanx for the show!

Kim :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey that is a great idea to use this as a Christmas Card, I was just trying to figure out when would I be able to sit down and write out the cards and find the money to send them. I usually start off with 20 and end up with close to 100! That’s a lot of stamps. ;)

Merry Christmas to you all!
(Augusta, GA)

Anonymous said...

That was so cute. The babies look so big. I haven't seen yall in a while. We have been going to 8:00 mass. I hope to see yall soon.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all! LOL funny, thanks for sharing.

It's a pleasure to know you and your family.

Miss Ginger
(Story Time Teacher)

Anonymous said...

You guys should be on “Dancing with the Stars”. HA!!! Really cute!

Diane Mardis

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!!! Merry Christmas! -- Deborah

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, that's hilarious!!! Gosh those babies have grown My step-daughter did one of those for us, it was the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing the laugh.

Dixieldy (HGTV)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I got that sent to me recently and cracked up...of course I then had to put me, DH and Sons pix in there and laugh even harder at ourselves...very cute lil page...thought about sending it to everyone like a xmas card...but changed my mind. Your sweethearts are all adorable...thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Bonnie, your kids are absolutely adorable in that video. DH isn't too shabby, either, LOL.

Hugs to all,
Carol (needlecrazy HGTV)

Anonymous said...

That is way too cute! ;)

g'ma-erma (HGTV)

Anonymous said...

thats cute.. San

Anonymous said...

That is so cute and absolutely funny! I like the encore presentation by N!

Oh, if you don't mind please forward your mailing address.

Thank you,