Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy week and very tired Parents!

Has is only been a week since my last post??? There has been a lot going on around our house lately! Although not many would "notice" much, I can assure you it has been a busy week!

A quick update on the babies - both of them are getting breathing treatments before bedtime each night. We started on Wednesday night after realizing that both of their cough were only sounding worse night after night. Our only regret now is not getting TWO nebulizer machines... b/c it takes 25-35 minutes for the mist do dissolve per treatment, which makes getting ready for bed a little longer... but we are getting the hang of it now.

You may notice a benefit within 2-8 days of starting this drug. It may take up to 4-6 weeks of regular use before the full benefit of this drug takes effect.
Hopefully, sometime this coming week we will get better and we can have some UNinterupted sleep during the night. I doubt that David or I have gotten over two hours sleep at a time without having to get up with one of the twins all last week.

The good news to report - We put up our Christmas tree last weekend. :) This is the earliest we have EVER put up the tree!! Each year I think I enjoy it more and more while on the other hand, it is just the opposite for my husband!

He and I worked on it a few hours at a time for two days - he puts it together as I zig-zag all the lights up and down each limb as it is assembled. I think if we hadn't run out of lights we would have finished same day... but last year I felt it was time to trash some of the older ones -there were some that had much dimmer lights.. and other strands that were dangerously hotter than the rest... and of course any thing that appeared to be on the blink got tossed too! I wish I had remembered to go buy them during the after holiday sale but buying them for $2/ 100 lights wasn't so bad. I bought packs and think we only ended up using 6 of those new.

Monday (our stay-at-home-day) Big Sister and I put all the ornaments on the tree. She was so helpful and had great decorating taste knowing the perfect spot for each ornament. It was funny though, b/c it soon became apparent that her favorite ornament was "The Little Mermaid" one.... she'd say, "Oooough that is a pretty one, I want to put it by Ariel" and before we were half done there were about two dozen all as close as she could get hanging on the same branch or near Ariel. ;)

She also got to decorate HER VERY OWN Christmas Tree IN HER ROOM :) and is very proud of it and she should be! All summer she worked hard earing her ornaments! Each time she filled up a Potty Sticker Sheet (about 70 stickers) we took a trip to Hallmark to pick out and buy a new ornament. She even would hand over her sticker sheet as if it was money to buy the ornaments. The ladies at Hallmark really enjoyed us coming in each month ;)
The very first ornament she choose was as she calls it "Tinkel Bell" :) and she earned about 8-10. Here is a photo of her tree tonight before I turned it off... I will try and get clsoe ups of her special ornaments later on...
not bad for a $2 yard sale find hua??? The tree that is! The changing color star on top cost $12 bucks but is worth it bc/ she loves it so much... just wait until next year when we decorate it with colored lights... oooough...

Friday, I got an email from Big Sister's Preschool saying they have updated photos on their website of all the kids. I love that they have a website so that the parents can check in and see photos and what activities are coming up.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Blue & White Day

They're signing the letter "B" at the camera!

Fire Safety Week/Field Trip
Painting Baby Dinosaur Eggs

Painting brown camels

Coloring "her" shape
Proudly showing off "her" shape Ta-Daaaa!

This month they will be hosting a Christmas Padget for the parents & grandparents. For anyone living here in town that would like to go please let me know and I will give you more details! I am pretty sure that it is gonna be December 20th but not certain on the time yet.

Each child will get to perform their OWN SOLO PERFORMANCE!!! They can do any song they choose... Christmas song that is... So far every time they practice at preschool Big Sister protests and makes up her own counting song to the tune of a Christmas song... and just counts numbers instead of singing the words! #@@!@?

So there is no telling what she will choose the night of the Padget but here are a few of the songs we have been working on at home:

"Hark The Herold Angel Sing" (just chorus part)

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

"Jingle Bells"

They are also gonna take the kids and go caroling at a local nursing home this month. I'd love to go for that too..... but the twins usually nap during school time.... so we will have to wait and see.

Well, I better wrap this up. I have hit save lots of times and came back and added more but if I don't hit "publish post" I will have to start listing things that we do this coming week! LOL

Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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