Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tomorrow is Wednesday

Tomorrow is Wednesday which is Story Time for us! :) Here are a few photos I took during Story Time a couple weeks ago.... aren't they cute!!! :P
For the past year and a half we have been traveling to a near by city to participate in their Lap Sit Program. When I first moved to Texas, I went to our local library but was never able to really "meet" or rather make a friendship with any of the other mothers who brought their children. Plus, their story time was very chaotic to say the least.
So then one day while at the pediatrician for a check up, I met my now best friend in the waiting room and she told me about this other story time in the nearby city...
I called to sign up and was put on a waiting list b/c at that time they only had one class and the 20 spots were full.
So I waited a year! but so glad I did. Now, I know lots of mom's and their children and the Story Time teachers, Ms. Ginger & Ms. Michelle are THE BEST!!! I am so very pleased with their program!

And who is the little "friend" in the photo you ask..?? This is my best friend's little boy "Jeddy" the friend I met at the pediatrician's office and who told us about Story Time :)

My daughter and him were walking arm-in-arm across the parking lot in front of me pushing the twins in the stroller and luckily I had my camera in my pocket and was able to get a couple shots before they noticed!!! ;) allllll aren't they cute!!! Best friends, and they are only 3 years old!


Before closing, I wanted to introduce something new I am gonna try called "Wordless Wednesday" I saw this on another blog I visit and thought to myself, I could do that! It would be fast and no words needed so therefore I can post pics of the kids and keep the far away family happy and at least get one post a week in - it's a win-win for all of us! :c)

So be sure and leave a comment and tell me if you like this idea. :) and I'll be back tomorrow with my first "Wordless Wednesday" ;)

Love from Texas!! ~bonnie

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's!!!

On Valentine's Day Daddy brought home lots of goodies....
Roses for Momma... and Big sister claimed one of them as hers ;)

little sister got a purple Care-Bear...named "Share Bear"and little brother got a "Pooh Bear"
although I think he would have been much happier with his OWN remote! :) LOLit didn't take him long to snatch this favorite one of Daddy's!and Big sister got her FAVORITE Care Bear, "Cheer Bear with a "Rain-Mo" on her belly! ;)Ok, look here kidos, time for a group photo!!!OK Daddy get behind Momma and act silly so the kids will look... or at least 2/3 will look at least! :P Hope all of you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from Texas!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nora's check up at the Dentist

What better day to go to the dentist than the day before valentines....well I guess the day after would probably be best after eating all that candy... :) but for Nora, she didn't care! She was so excited to be getting "her turn" in the chair as she puts it.

Last year while I was pregnant, she went with me for the first time and "watched." and she had a front row seat too I may add. Looking back I don't know how I managed it but I did... I was about 8 months pregnant with twins and had an almost 3 year old sitting on top of me while laying in that chair that made me feel like I was doing a backbend the whole time and I felt the blood rushing to my head. :P well, enough about me - today was Nora's turn!She had been once before last fall with David and they each got their teeth cleaned with Ms. Wendy. And today at story time, she announced that she was making her coloring page for "Miss Wenny" b/c I had already told her that as soon as story time was over we had to leave to go to the dentist. ;)

However, when we got there Daddy was finishing up with Ms. Marcie b/c today "Miss Wenny" was not there - she is sick. I was a little worried about this new lady but in less than two minutes she had warmed up to her and they were buddies.

Here she is just after getting fluoride painted on... she really like the sucker thingy too! ;c)

and for the first time ever, they did an x-ray of her teeth. I was worried about how she would sit still for all of this b/c with me they took and took lots and lots of x-rays... I think each x-ray was of only 2-3 teeth at a time and it hurt so much along my gums to bite on the film thingy.... well for kids they have a special machine that goes in a semi circle behind them and is done in only 18 seconds! How COOL is that! I think I will ask if I can do that next time! LOL
and of course they protected her with the super heavy "Super Power Cape" :) Which she thought was so COOL!!!
and here she is peaking into her goodie bag...

and of course Nora being NORA, she couldn't not accept the toothbrush with piglet on it that was already in the bag... but had to request a different one! A "princess one with Ariel on it" and a blue handle pluah-eeeeaase!" GEEEE-Wiz!!! :P Thankfully after only a little searching in the drawer, Ms. Marcie was able to accommodate the polite request ;)

I was very impressed that she didn't MELT DOWN at first glance of the tooth brush but instead acted like I have been trying so hard to train her! Looks like my baby girl is growing up after all! :)

Love from Texas!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry for the so far inbetween posts time! Just where does the time go??? Thanks to many of you for personally emailing me to see if we are OK. Can you believe the twins just turned 8 months old last week! (2/4)
Lookie here who has a mouth full of teeth! He loves to show them off to everyone too and it is so cute! Little sister is not too far behind... top 2 have broke thru but not down far yet.

This is the only photo (taken the same day) of her showing any teeth.... with her personality, she usually smiles sticking her tounge out so it is hard to get a photo of teeth showing
Also showing in the photo is her FOOT which is sooooo like her! She always manages to loose one sock every time we leave the house! LOL She has been so good cutting her top 4 teeth. They are just breaking thru this week and of course she has the super snotty nose but so far still sleeping all night - WHICH is a GOOD THING! ;)
more later, I PROMISE! gotta go do breathing treatments right now. One thing I love about Monday, is that I do not have to RUSH out the door to get anywehre and can enjoy my mornings ;) Any other day of the week, we have already done everything and where we are going by now.
Love from Texas! ~bonnie