Thursday, January 29, 2009

what's mine is mine and what's Yours is mine

Paul Thomas has loved shoes for several months but only within the past week or so he has laid claim to Nora's Cinderella slippers!

We're talking EVERY waking moment of EVERY waking day... doesn't' matter if he has on footed PJs or not - he is gonna be wearing these shoes! uham, I mean "heals" that I call clickers..

b/c despite the tile floors downstairs.. he has never fallen or slipped... he just click, click, clicks all around and man is he fast!

In the photo - all of his favorites... his "clickers", a ball, the step ladder, and that baby doll carrier... he HAS to have it on his arm just as bad as he HAS to have those Cinderella slippers on his feet! *sigh*

So far, David is playing cool... holding his breath hoping this is just a phase.. but you can bet Daddy would have a fit if after work he came home to "polished piggies" LOL :P

Maybe for valentines... ?

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Anonymous said...

No polish piggies. It is past the final straw.